Do Your Walls Need a Refresh?

Do Your Walls Need a Refresh?

Find drywall repair services in Millington & Woodstock, TN

Drywall and painting often go hand-in-hand. If you're considering a fresh coat for your interior walls, make sure the surface is smooth and ready for paint. Minor damage like doorknob holes might just require drywall patching, but more extensive drywall repair can take time. Serious damage could require costly materials. Why not hire a professional who can ensure that your drywall repair is done quickly and properly?

At Pita's Painting, we're experts at drywall repair and drywall patching services in Millington & Woodstock, TN. We'll assess the damage and give you a free estimate before starting. Call today to learn more about how we can restore your walls.

Protect your walls from hidden damage

Painting aside, there are several other reasons to consider drywall repair for your home. Don't overlook the lingering damage that could be occurring behind your walls. These 3 telling signs might indicate that you need drywall repair:

  • Dark spots or a damp smell - an indication of water damage. Mold may also now be blooming in your home. Make sure you call an expert quickly.
  • Sulfur smell and headaches - though rare, these symptoms may result from toxic drywall. A professional can assess your walls for signs.
  • Cracking - a small crack can actually turn into a huge problem. You may have moisture issues or the house could have settled since construction.


Don't put off repairs if you suspect your home has drywall damage. For everything from simple drywall patching to major drywall repairs, call Pita's Painting at 901-616-9775 today.