Is Your Home Feeling the Effects of Age?

Is Your Home Feeling the Effects of Age?

Call us for carpentry repairs in Millington & Woodstock, TN

Your home is intended to last a lifetime, but its support structure of studs, beams and posts will age along with you. It's important to check the condition of your home's interior and exterior for any necessary carpentry repairs. Weather, moisture and insects can do a number on your wood and siding. Repair the damage to your Millington & Woodstock, TN home with help from the professionals at Pita's Painting.

If you need carpentry repairs of any kind, we can help. Give your home solid support. Call today for a free estimate.

Take care of small problems now before they get worse

It's easy to recognize obvious issues with your home, like clogged plumbing or faulty outlets-but not all problems are so clearly visible. Damage to your siding or wood structures in your home can be tough to spot. A siding repair and carpentry repair pro from Pita's Painting can find the evidence you might have overlooked and get things fixed quickly.

Signs you might need carpentry repairs include:

  • Tiny holes in drywall - this may indicate the presence of termites. We'll help you find an exterminator to get rid of the infestation, then repair the damage.
  • The door won't close - it might seem innocent enough, but a door that suddenly won't close is an indication that something has shifted in the structure of your house.
  • Cracks in windows or siding - these could be pressure cracks resulting from structural shifting.


These signs are not always an immediate cause for concern, but only a professional can assess the damage and be sure of the primary issue. If you believe you may have damage to the wood or siding in your home, call Pita's Painting for carpentry repairs in Millington & Woodstock, TN.